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The Flag.

October 8, 2010

Or, Roll a River Wide and Strong.

—Dr. Melancthon Woolsey Stryker.

ROLL a river wide and strong,
Like the tides a-swinging.
Lift the joyful floods of song,
Set the mountains ringing.
Run the lovely banner high—
Crimson morning glory!—
Field as blue as yonder sky,—
Every star a story.
Let the people, heart and lip,
Hail the gleaming splendor!
Let the guns from shore and ship
Acclamation render!
All ye oceans clap your hands!
Echo, plains and highlands,
Speed the voice through all the lands
To the Orient islands.
Darling flag of liberty
Law and love revealing,
All the downcast turn to thee
For thy help appealing.
In the front of human right,
Flash thy stars of morning,
All that hates and hides the light
Flies before thy warning.
By the colors of the day,
By the breasts that wear them,
To the living God we pray,
That the brave may bear them!
Run the rippling banner high;
Peace or war the weather,
Cheers or tears, we’ll live or die

Under it together.


Reposted courtesy of Democratic Thinker.


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