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The Young American.

May 29, 2010

—Alexander Hill Everett.

SCION of a mighty stock!
Hands of iron—hearts of oak—
Follow with unflinching tread
Where the noble fathers led.
Craft and subtle treachery,
Gallant youth, are not for thee;
Follow thou in words and deeds
Where the God within thee leads.
Honesty, with steady eye,
Truth and pure simplicity,
Love, that gently winneth hearts,
These shall be thy holy arts.
Prudent in the council train,
Dauntless on the battle plain,
Ready at thy country’s need
For her glorious cause to bleed.
Where the dews of night distill
Upon Vernon’s holy hill,
Where above it gleaming far
Freedom lights her guiding star,
Thither turn the steady eye,
Flashing with a purpose high;
Thither, with devotion meet,
Often turn the pilgrim feet.
Let the noble motto be:
Planted on religion’s rock,
Thou shalt stand in every shock.
Laugh at danger, far or near;
Spurn at baseness, spurn at fear.
Still, with persevering might,
Speak the truth, and do the right.
So shall peace, a charming guest,
Dove-like in thy bosom rest;
So shall honor’s steady blaze
Beam upon thy closing days.


Image of Samuel Adams courtesy of Democratic Thinker.


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