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We Keep Memorial Day.

May 13, 2010

—Kate Brownlee Sherwood.

WHEN the May has culled her flowers for the summer waiting long,
And the breath of early roses woos the hedges into song,
Comes the throb of martial music and the banners in the street,
And the marching of the millions bearing garlands fair and sweet—
‘Tis the Sabbath of the Nation, ‘tis the floral feast of May!
In remembrance of our heroes
We keep Memorial Day.
They are sleeping in the valleys, they are sleeping ‘neath the sea,
They are sleeping by the thousands till the royal reveille;
Let us know them, let us name them, let us honor one and all,
For they loved us and they saved us, springing at the bugle call;
Let us sound the song and cymbal, wreathe the immortelles and bay.
In the fervor of thanksgiving
We keep Memorial Day.


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