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Patriot’s Song.

May 10, 2010

—Adaline Hohf Beery.

O LAND of our birth, blessed home of the free!
Our voices we mingle to celebrate thee.
We rest ‘neath the wings of the eagle outspread,
And cheer the old banner that floats overhead.
O pride of our fathers, Columbia the grand!
With pledge of devotion united we stand;
No nation so happy, so thriving, so blest;
Hurrah for our country, the pride of the West!
O cradle of liberty, rocked in the storm,
For thee may thy children’s affection be warm;
To thee may we rally should danger impend,
In voice and in action thine honor defend.
O flag of our union! O, red, white, and blue!
To thy precious colors we’ll always be true;
Shine on, silver stars! o’er the farthermost sea,
And tell all the world of Columbia, the free.



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