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Thanksgiving Hymn.

April 17, 2010


The following composition was originally intended to be sung on the Thanksgiving Day—the second Thursday of December, 1783—appointed in consequence of the peace between the United States and Great Britain, but was not published until some years after that event.


THE Lord above, in tender love,
Hath sav’d us from our foes;
Through Washington the thing is done,
The war is at a close.
America has won the day,
Through Washington, our chief;
Come let’s rejoice with heart and voice,
And bid adieu to grief.
Now we have peace, and may increase
In number, wealth, and arts;
If every one, like Washington,
Will strive to do their parts.
Then let’s agree, since we are free,
All needless things to shun;
And lay aside all pomp and pride,
Like our great Washington.
Use industry and frugal be,
Like Washington the brave;
So shall we see, ‘twill easy be,
Our country for to save.
From present wars and future foes,
And all that we may fear;
While Washington, the great brave one,
Shall as our chief appear.
Industry and frugality,
Will all our taxes pay;
In virtuous ways, we’ll spend our days,
And for our rulers pray.
The Thirteen States, united sets,
In Congress simply grand;
The Lord himself preserve their health,
That they may rule this land,
Whilst every State, without its mate,
Doth rule itself by laws,
Will sovereign be, and always free;
To grieve there is no cause.
But all should try, both low and high,
Our freedom to maintain;
Pray God to bless our grand Congress,
And cease from every sin.
Then sure am I, true liberty,
Of every sort will thrive;
With one accord we’ll praise the Lord
All glory to Him give.
To whom all praise is due always,
For he is all in all;
George Washington, that noble one,
On his great name doth call.
Our Congress too, before they do,
Acknowledge Him supreme;
Come let us all before Him fall,
And glorify His name.



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