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I Have A Country!

March 30, 2010


“I have a country,” cried a boy, starting up. “My father is fighting for it, and my brother has died for it.”


I HAVE a country—who with coward tongue
And treacherous heart has said it is not so?
I have a country, and her flag is flung,
Starry and bright on all the winds that blow.
I have a country! From the shores of Maine,
Stormy and bleak, to the Pacific sea;
The granite mountains and the fertile plains,
The mighty rivers, all belong to me.
To me alike, the sturdy northern pines
Which toss their branches in the winds forlorn,
The feathery palm trees and the clustering vines,
The fields of cotton and the groves of corn.
I have a country, for the brave have died
Upon a thousand fields to make them free;
The land is mine, their blood has sanctified—
Mine, North and South, and mine from sea to sea.
And ‘neath her banner still the battles rage,
And armies wrestle in the cannon’s breath;
For here is waged the conflict of the age,
Freedom and slavery grappling unto death.
God help my country in this hour of woe,
And save her, though baptized in fire and blood;
With thy right arm hurl back the haughty foe,
Nor suffer evil to destroy the good.


Reposted courtesy of Democratic Thinker.


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